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Making sense of working together

Ian Pomfret, Clare Holden, Debbie King, Rebecca Molyneux, Linda Newsham, Lauren Tew and Julie Vickerman discuss an enterprise and what may be achieved when there is close collaboration between the key personnel responsible for providing both continence care and infection control (IC) services.
Ian Pomfret RGN, NDN Cert, PWT (District Continence Adviser)
Julie Vickerman Dip COT (Clinical Specialist, Continence Occupational Therapy)
Clare Holden BSc Hons Physiotherapy (Clinical Specialist, Continence Physiotherapy) are team members of the Continence Advisory Service, Chorley & South Ribble NHS Primary Care Trust.
Linda Newsham RGN, Dip N, MICS (Senior Nurse, Infection Control), Chorley & South Ribble NHS Primary Care Trust.
Rebecca Molyneux RGN, Cert Ed, BSc Hons, MHSc (Senior Nurse, Infection Control), Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust).
Debbie King RN, BSc Hons (Lead Infection Control Nurse), Solihull NHS Primary Care Trust, Solihull, West Midlands
Lauren Tew RGN, BSc Hons, PG Dip, RNT (Infection Control Nurse and Clinical Consultant), Bard Ltd.
Article accepted for publication: January 2006