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Service provision in child health clinics

Georgina Sparrow et al. describe a qualitiative study which aimed to ascertain views of users and non-users of child health clinics about services provided using focus groups for data collection.
Georgina Sparrow, BSc (Hons), Public Health Nursing, RGN, DN Cert, RM, RHV. is a Public Health Practitioner (Dumfries and Nithsdale)
June Hay, RGN, SCM, HV Cert is a Bank Health Visitor/Public Health Nurse (Dumfries)
Isobel McGillivray, RGN, RHV is a Health Visitor/Public Health Nurse (New Abbey)
Mary Waugh, BSc Community Nursing, RGN, RHV, SCM, DN Cert is a Health Visitor/Public Health Nurse (Dumfries)
Focus Group Facilitator: Joyce Kerr, MPH, BA, SRN, DN Cert, HV Cert, Dip. in Hospital & Community Nursing. Area Clinical Audit Facilitator (Dumfries & Galloway) Article accepted for publication: January 2005

Thanks to Professor David Hannay of 'Dumfries & Galloway Primary Care Research Network' for his support and encouragement, and Sheila Farries for efficient secretarial service.