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Managing exudate and preventing biofilms in community wound care

There are a number of mechanisms at play that can delay wound healing. Wounds can become stuck in a prolonged inflammatory stage resulting in high volumes of wound exudate, which contains agents that contribute to delayed healing. Exudate plays an essential role in wound healing but at excessive volumes it can also facilitate biofilm formation, which can further delay healing. Maintaining optimum levels of exudate is vital for healthy wound healing, as is the prevention or disruption of biofilm formation in the wound bed. This article also looks at Sorbion Sachet S® (BSN medical), a triedandtested uperabsorbent dressing, which is now back on the Drug Tariff, but at a lower price. This article discusses the mechanisms used in the reintroduced superabsorbent dressing and how it provides a cost-effective solution to the problem of treating highly exuding chronic wounds where clinical efficacy and budgetary concerns are both top priorities.