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Here at the JCN we not only provide our own study days, but we also offer you the chance to book events with some of our partners

Our events, as ever, an invaluable opportunity to meet with exhibitors, discuss latest products, treatments and techniques. At this unique educational event you can attend a selection of professional, certified study sessions that will focus on many important areas of your caseload and count towards your Revalidation requirements.

The event is free to attend and a high lunch is provided. Space is limited so if you would like to join us at your nearest event please click on the location of your choice and register now.

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Limited stand spaces are still available for our events. For more information email Sam on


JCN teamed up with L&R to create a series of interactive educational events which provided support in adopting a solutions based approach to effectively manage VLUs. Attendees heard about how this approach has been adopted nationally to transform outcomes and had a chance to put new knowledge into practice in a virtual clinic.

These events also gave attendees the opportunity to apply for a place on an exciting new educational initiative, the Clinical Leadership Programme, which involves an intensive and rewarding two-day course to facilitate development of practical, clinical and personal development, as well as online education, support and additional resources throughout the year.

In association with L&R ( Lohmann & Rauscher)


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Join us for our 2019 series of LIVE Facebook events with real time Q&A!

We are running another series of live clinical training session on a wide range of topics including biofilms, wound infection, chronic oedema, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers (and many more) straight to your device, in the comfort of your own home or workplace, brought to you by the Journal of Community Nursing.

You’ll have the chance to ask questions and comment in real time, plus we’ll send you a certificate for your CPD Revalidation portfolio.

We are running Facebook Live events throughout the whole year with at least one live event every month (except August) so keep an eye on our ever increasing list here: 

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