Journal of Community Nursing - page 83

Meal featured is our gluten-free Sweet & Sour Pork with spicy white rice, at £4.20.
Over 320 delicious
dishes, because
is the spice of life
At Wiltshire Farm Foods, all of our main meals are nutritionally balanced and
created by our award-winning chef and experienced dietitian, before being
approved by a taste panel of customers. With over 320 meals and desserts,
we cater for a variety of special diets including gluten-free, low fat and low salt,
as well as meals suitable for people with dysphagia. What’s more, no matter
where they live in the UK, our customers get their meals delivered free, direct
to their freezer, by a regular and friendly face.
0800 066 3164
to arrange a tasting at your next team meeting,
or to request copies of our latest brochures.
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