Journal of Community Nursing - page 64

64 JCN
2013,Vol 27, No 4
duomed soft is available in a wide
range of British Standard sizes. The
knee-length stocking comes
in both open- or closed-toe
versions (open-toe only for ccl3).
Other benefits of duomed soft
British Standard elastic hosiery
with a hypoallergenic silicone
top-band (
Figure 1
) available on
all thigh-length garments
Easy application, silky feel
Open- or closed-toe — the
open-toe variant comes with
Easy-On Slipper
Three compression classes (ccl 1,
ccl 2, ccl 3)
Below-knee and full thigh-
length available in all classes
Figures 2–3
Machine washable
Simple size selection
Combines ideal wearing
properties and appropriate
British Standard medical
compression, while maintaining
the look and feel of a non-
medical stocking
Offers a seamless, two-way
stretch stocking which is highly
elastic and non-slip.
‘Manufacturers have also
developed a number of
hosiery styles to make
application easier.’
Figure 1.
Silicone top-band.
Figure 2.
Below-knee duomed soft.
duomed soft is British Standard
graduated elastic compression
hosiery, which is available on
prescription. It is available in five
sizes, and in below-knee or thigh-
length varieties (
Figures 2 and 3
The thigh-length is the only British
Standard stocking with a grip top.
duomed soft combines ideal
wearing properties and appropriate
British Standard medical
compression, while maintaining
the look and feel of a non-medical
stocking. The fabric is soft, sheer,
comfortable and easy to apply, thus
promoting patient concordance.
duomed soft is a round-knit fabric
indicated for mild venous conditions
and palliative oedema. Specific
indications for each class available
Class 1: superficial varices
or thread veins if RAL grade
compression is too high for
palliative limbs or mixed aetiology
Class 2: varices or post healing
of an ulcer when RAL grade
compression cannot be tolerated
Class 3: varices and the formation of
moderate venous oedema. (duomed
soft should not be used in advanced
peripheral arterial occlusive disease
or pre-gangrenous conditions.
Caution should also be exercised
in suppurative skin conditions,
if the patient is intolerant to any
component fabrics or in advanced
peripheral neuropathy.)
Figure 3.
Thigh-length duomed soft.
duomed soft should be worn during
the day and removed at night.
The UK has an expanding elderly
population, which means that in
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