Journal of Community Nursing - page 6

2013,Vol 27, No 4
Editorial board
I am delighted to
have been invited
to be involved
in the ongoing
development of
the ‘new look’
journal. My
particular interest
is in enabling nurses to develop new
date with policy, evidence for practice,
and a wide range of relevant topics.
Anne Williams
I am a Senior
Lecturer at the
University of
within the
of Pharmacy,
and a Principal
Pharmacist at Ealing Hospital
managing the Community Services
of the boroughs of Brent, Ealing and
Harrow. I am delighted to be on the
editorial advisory board of the
Journal of Community Nursing
aim to support the medicines
optimisation agenda, which I know
impacts the community nursing
profession so heavily, particularly
as more complex treatments are
delivered closer to home.
Chetan Shah
I am really
delighted to be
working with the
journal, which
is a forum for
spreading the
news about the
collaborative work going on between
health and social care. I’m a social
worker working with adults in a
rural community. I especially enjoy
working alongside health colleagues,
doing the joined-up thinking which
is core to improving the personal
outcomes of users of community care
services. Sharing knowledge about
our work and different roles educates
and demystifies those sometimes
obscure job titles!
I’m also studying part time
for a professional doctorate with
Bournemouth University, and am
committed to lifelong learning. I aim
to contribute my social work and
academic perspectives to the journal,
to add to the news, views and
education it provides.
Sally Lee
I am both thrilled
and honoured to
have been invited
to be involved
with such a
reputable journal.
Annette Bades
Kate Arkley,
Community RGN,
Galway, Ireland
Annette Bades,
District Nursing
Specialist Practitioner and Clinical
Lead Cardio-respiratory, Lancashire
Care NHS Foundation Trust
Heather Bain,
Course Leader
Masters Portfolio, Robert Gordon
University; Chair, Association of
District Nurses
Sara Burr,
Community Dermatology
Nurse Specialist, Community Nursing
and Therapy, Norfolk Community
Health and Care NHS Trust
Rosie Callaghan,
Tissue Viability
Nurse, Stourport Health Centre
Mark Collier,
Lead Nurse/
Consultant, Tissue Viability, United
Lincolnshire, Hospitals NHS Trust;
Professional Adviser, Tissue Viability,
Royal College of Nursing, London
Kate Gerrish,
Professor, Nursing
Research, Sheffield University
Sally Lee,
Social Worker, North
Dorset Local Social Services
Anne Pearson,
Practice Development
Manager, Queen’s Nursing Institute,
Mark Radcliffe,
Senior Lecturer,
Brighton University
Kate Sanders,
Practice Development
Facilitator, FoNS
Chetan Shah,
Principal Pharmacist,
Community Services, Ealing
Julian Spinks,
General Practitioner,
Jackie Stephen-Haynes,
and Consultant Nurse in Tissue
Viability, Birmingham City University
and Worcestershire Health and Care
NHS Trust
Anne Williams,
Nurse Consultant and Researcher,
Blantyre, Scotland
ways of working to improve care. I am
therefore looking forward to reading
articles by clinical practitioners
who are delivering person-centred
practice in the community, which
is compassionate, safe and effective
and helping them to share the ways
in which they have achieved this
so that readers are encouraged to
consider the implications for their
own practice.
Kate Sanders
It is pleasing to
be a small part
of such a vibrant,
engaged and
current journal.
Here is to a high
calibre of content
and discussion.
Mark Radcliffe
I am delighted
to become an
editorial advisory
board member at
an exciting time
in community
nursing where
services are
evolving to meet the needs of a
society that is becoming more
complex and demanding. This is a
challenging time, both politically and
within practice when many roles are
being redefined, however it is also a
time of opportunity. This journal will
continue to build on the foundations
that are already set and provides a
forum to support evidence-informed
education and practice applied to
community nursing.
Heather Bain
I am very pleased
to have been
asked to join the
Board. This is
an immensely
important time
for community nursing. Community
nurses need support and education
to continue to build their unique and
effective relationships with patients
and families in the community. As
a Lymphoedema Nurse Consultant
in Scotland, I have regular contact
with community nurses, and see
the daily challenges that prevail.
This relaunched journal will be an
important resource for keeping up to
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