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2013,Vol 27, No 4
irst of all, I would like to
say that I am delighted
to welcome you to the
Journal of Community
. Community nursing is a
varied role, requiring knowledge
in a multiplicity of clinical areas —
continence care, wound care, skin
care, chronic conditions, to name
but a few — and I hope we have
succeeded in providing content
that accurately reflects the wide
range of skills needed in what is a
demanding and ever-expanding job.
As well as trying to provide you
with a breadth of clinical content,
we are also trying to highlight some
of the policy changes currently taking place, which may directly affect you
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; Community Matters,
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; The Big Issue,
pp. 14
Which brings me neatly to my second point — who would be a community
nurse in 2013? I ask this in all seriousness at a time when the news is
dominated by stories about poor care, the numbers of district nurses
deserting the profession, and government policy that demands nurses
provide better and cheaper treatment, closer to people’s homes, with few
extra resources. What kind of person would want to subject themselves
to extra scrutiny and pressure in what is already a particularly
demanding role?
Luckily, I didn’t have to look far for the answer. As soon as I started
attending community nursing events and speaking to people providing
nursing care ‘on the frontline’, it became pretty evident that community
nursing is alive and well and populated by dedicated people keen to
provide the best care for their patients, and eager to consume information
that will help them to do so.
I sincerely hope that the relaunched
Journal of Community Nursing
is able
to fulfil this desire for good clinical content, as well as contributing to the
debate about community nursing’s future. Thank you for reading…
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