Journal of Community Nursing - page 37

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is for Henry
Say hello to Henry. He turned three just last week
and now he spends his time running around all
over his mummy and daddy’s house, getting into
mischief and making them thoroughly worn out!
Not long ago, poor Henry fell off his little scooter and got quite a nasty
abrasion all up his leg. He was a brave little chap, but his nurse, Clare,
still wanted to help him heal as quickly and fully as possible. And to help
her Urgo offers a full range of simple and effective wound care solutions.
So nowHenry is as busy (and exhausting) as ever!
To see more of our wound care patient stories and to
find out about our range of
dressings solutions
, visit
discover just how we can help you help your patients.
Urgo – We’re here to help you help Henry
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