Journal of Community Nursing - page 23

make a right...
As a Nurse I stand a
lot at work - I get sore
feet, aching legs and I
might get varicose veins
but that’s just a part of
the job I can’t change.
A foot massage would
be luxury, but I don’t
have the time, it’s
expensive and the benefit
is only short term.
...and these three wrongs most certainly do!
Patients with dressings on
their legs can’t take a bath
or shower on their own
and many become clinically
depressed because of this.
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Prescribing a Seal-Tight
for a patient costs the
NHS money.
Pressure map of foot without Liqua
Care Flowgel Insoles
Pressure map of same foot with Liqua
Care Flowgel Insoles
Unique - Clinically proven.
Actively increases the circulation
to your feet and lower legs and
evens out your weight across the
entire sole, addressing the causes
of all of these complaints.
Wear them in ordinary footwear
and they provide a gentle foot
massage for the whole time you
are wearing them.
Liqua Care Flowgel Insoles
1 change of dressing
in every 25 is due to
accidental wetting when
patients try to maintain
basic hygiene.
Seal-Tight was the first product
of any description in the history
of the NHS Prescription Service
to be accepted for issue based
on a formal measurement of
improved patient Health Related
Quality of Life.
There can only be one first.
That’s why Seal-Tight is best
selling such product in the world.
Available on Nurse/GP
prescription across the UK.
Seal-Tight was invented to:
Enable anyone with dressings,
a cast or bandages on a limb to
bath or shower - in safety - as
and when they want.
Save early changes due to
bathing accidents (and avoid
infection and wound maceration
in those that don’t ‘own up’) -
that also saves lots of precious
resources, both time and money.
Every Seal-Tight prescribed pays
for itself in three weeks, then
continues saving for as long as it’s
being used.
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