Journal of Community Nursing - page 112

112 JCN
2013,Vol 27, No 4
Aptamil Pronutra
- Aptamil’s most
advanced formula yet
Aptamil are pioneers in breastmilk
research, devoting themselves to
an even closer understanding of
human milk and the impact all
its components have on early life
This research has led to the
introduction of Aptamil’s most
advanced formula yet developed from
a unique blend of ingredients. The combined blend of LCPs, GOS/FOS,
Vitamin A, C, D and iron is known as Aptamil with Pronutra
on all
Follow On and Growing Up milk packs, with the composition of each
stage being adapted to meet infants’needs.
For further information see:
Whatever your medical tube securement
need – CliniFix
from CliniMed Ltd is a unique,
multi-purpose catheter and tube
securement device which can help solve
the problems often associated with
traditional tapes and straps.
Able to be used in two distinct ways
for different securement needs, it has a hook and loop securing device
for some movement, or an inner adhesive strip for extra security. It
can be positioned anywhere on the body and the resealable design
allows repeated access. With no rigid plastic edges, straps or clips, it’s
comfortable to wear and kind to the skin. Accidental tugging or free
movement of a catheter or tube can lead to infection, site irritation and
patient discomfort. By using CliniFix you can reduce these risks and
because it’s made from skin-friendly hydrocolloid, it can remain in place
for up to seven days without damaging the skin.
For free samples call the CliniMed Careline on: • 0800 036 0100
Owen Mumford
appoints new
Global Marketing
Owen Mumford, an industry
leader in the UK’s medical
device market with sales
offices in China, the USA and
Europe has appointed Richard
Simmonds to lead a new
Global Marketing Team. The
Team will work closely with the
company’s international Sales
and Marketing groups as well as
the OEM business, by providing
strategic oversight and helping
to co-ordinate support for all
regions worldwide.
insoles bring
Everybody wants to
avoid sore feet, aching/
tired legs and varicose
veins – a challenge
when much of your day
is spent standing. Most
of these common problems come down to uneven weight distribution on
the soles and due to prolonged standing, restricted circulation to the feet
and lower leg. Advice is often to‘sit with your feet elevated’, a sensible
recommendation but not practical for a health professional.
Liqua Care gel filled insoles offer a solution (see
page 23
). These are
unique in that they are the only insoles, worldwide, that are clinically
proven to dramatically reduce peak forefoot pressures and increase
circulation at the same time (clinical paper on website). Liqua Care are
thin, washable and fit in everyday footwear.
Cost £27.75 including despatch.
To order visit site or call: •
• 0870 041 0150
Softform Premier Active 2 from Invacare
The Softform Premier Active 2 from Invacare provides two mattresses in one. It offers a‘Very
High Risk’static surface and should a patient require stepping-up to a dynamic surface, a discreet
pump can be fitted to the air insert that will transform the mattress into an alternating surface,
delivering additional levels of pressure relief. There is no requirement to transfer the client, thereby
minimising any discomfort and reducing manual handling.
The‘Strikethrough Resistant Technology’cover is made from a highly chemically resistant polyurethane polymer,
making it much more resistant to abrasion and damage and swells less with water contact. The specialist cover
helps to prolong the life of the mattress and reduce replacement costs.
• 01656 776222
Richard Simmonds, Owen Mumford’s new
Head of Global Marketing
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